Coordination service

The role of the general coordinator is to be in every detail on the day of the party, before, during and after the event, assisting and accompanying the honoree throughout the event.

Organization during the months prior to the event

To ensure that the party goes as expected, the client will be accompanied during the month prior to the party, advising on issues related to the event such as timing, lists, distribution of tables, designation of shows, assembly schedule, order of insurance, etc.

The tasks to be performed will be:

  • Confirmation of the contracted services with each vendor
  • Coordination of technical meetings at the venue before the event.
  • Ordering insurance from each vendor and sending them together with the list of personnel to the person in charge of the venue where the event will take place.
  • Coordinating details with the maître d', video, DJ, ambiance, etc. regarding the development of the party in accordance with the timing.