Juana’s Birthday

Juana loves winter and skiing, that's why she chose this setting.

The party was held at the Austral Hotel, in the heart of Comodoro Rivadavia.

Comodoro Rivadavia is situated in Chubut province, very famous for its port and windy weather.

Event: 15-year-old birthday party Place: Comodoro Rivadavia Guests: 200

To place ourselves in a winter setting, the decorators were inspired by a forest full of pine trees and snow, covering the entire reception of the venue with trees 2 meters high, artificial snow, candles, and comfortable white furniture.

We placed long rectangular tables with centerpieces made of white paper.

To present the winter setting, the DJ set up a set of screens for the booth which consisted of 5 centered led totems and two large screens on both sides. In front of the booth, a screen was placed together with two amber lights next to the DJ.

A structure with mirrored pallets generating a bright effect was placed on the ceiling.