Vir & Lucho

In this opportunity, we travelled to Bariloche to experience a wedding surrounded by mountains and lakes and then they were transported to an enchanted forest.

Event: Wedding Place: Bariloche Guests: 230

The grooms wanted a magic stay for their guests. We started with a welcome cocktail at the Llao Llao Hotel. The wedding was held at the Millaqueo Hotel, and the following day a barbeque was organized for the guests.

The gathering of all the guests is a magic moment! The feeling is different when we organize an event in a different destination.

To welcome their guests, the grooms chose the exclusive Llao Llao Hotel, overlooking the Lopez and Tronador hills, surrounded by the Moreno and Nahuel Huapi lakes.

The venue chosen was Ala Moreno, which has the perfect combination of the classic hotel style and the Patagonic design.

The wedding was celebrated on February 22nd, the ceremony took place at San Eduard church, situated in the  Llao Llao village.

The bride got ready at the Millaqueo Hotel together with her bridesmaids

The decor was inspired by such an incredible place, full of life and nature. That’s why they decorated the tent with tree branches and Christmas lights to create a warm atmosphere, together with a great setting on the dance floor.

The bar was very important for them, so they defined the main place inside the reception with the main view.